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In 2007, John and Dillon Sharpley, experts in retail management systems, recognized a common problem their clients were experiencing. Their company, XBizPro, provided clients with a retail management system software; allowing clients to effectively manage their retail operations profitably with one exception—the coffee shop. Coffee shop operations were plaguing retail profitability due to lack of controls on production which allowed staff to produce drinks without payment to friends and family, and in some cases commit employee fraud. An idea was born to connect the espresso machine to the POS (Point of Sale) via software to control production of the drinks. This would guarantee a record of all drinks produced eliminating the largest drain on profits, drink theft. John and Dillon set out to cure this problem and deliver their clients a solution to return coffee shop operations to profitability. Working with key Espresso Machine manufacturers and using high quality ingredients, they have brought a revolutionary product to the self-service sector AutoPerk "The Automated Barista".


The company, known today as Perk Dynamics, has commercialized this solution and delivered it to an industry hungry for production controls. Based out of Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA; Perk Dynamics, LLC delivers a total solution focused on improving the process of beverage order flow, increasing profitability, and customer satisfaction in establishments that serve coffee, tea and other brewed beverages. AutoPerk delivers clients the control to improve the consistency of each beverage, increases customer satisfaction, increases profits, and reducing waste. AutoPerk "The Automated Barista" allows 24/7 coffee service with a small footprint. Our team consists of highly motivated, trade-experienced professionals with the goal of becoming the top coffee bar supplier not only in the United States, but around the world.


Perk Dynamics, LLC  is focused on revolutionizing the process of brewed beverage delivery to increase profitability, consistency, availability, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Through our advanced system controls we will increase client profitability, provide environmental responsible solutions, improve the satisfaction of customers and their enjoyment of coffee.

Patent Information

AutoPerk "The Automated Barista" is  based upon Patent Pending (US and Worldwide) software and processes. For more information please contact us or our Patent Attorneys.